The Importance of a Writing Schedule in Achieving Your Writing Goals

Planning ahead and staying organized is key to achieving any goal, and your writing goals are no exception. Even full-time writers use writing schedules to help them stay on track and be productive and successful. If you have a job or simply don’t write full-time, a writing schedule is almost mandatory. How to Keep a … More The Importance of a Writing Schedule in Achieving Your Writing Goals

What is a Script Consultant and why do you need one?

Screenwriting is not a game, it takes time, effort, and, genuinely, courage. But what happens when all the work has been done and you’ve managed to type “THE END”? Those magical words appear to be the finishing line, but they are nothing close to it. Yeap, turns out that finishing the script is only the start of … More What is a Script Consultant and why do you need one?

Best screenwriting software (free & paid)

As I mentioned before, writing a script requires a very specific format. In order for it to comply with industry standards and for the different production departments to understand it. This format can be created in almost any word processor. However, there are certain specific screenwriting software options that do the formatting for you, allowing … More Best screenwriting software (free & paid)

Screenwriting format

Substance over form. Many people (especially accountants) will agree with this statement and generally, I would too, however, when it comes to screenwriting, there is a very specific format that we need to use, a format used in the film industry that allows all production departments to understand and use the script for what it … More Screenwriting format

Writing and rewriting

You’ve heard this many times and no, I’m not about to tell you that this isn’t true. Rewriting is an inherent part of writing, and it can be a very long process, endless even. Just like writing, rewriting should be planned carefully to ensure that the hours invested fructify. Work smart, instead of hard, with … More Writing and rewriting

Screenplay Competitions – Are they worth it?

I’ve mentioned before that I organize different writing groups, where screenwriters can get feedback for their projects and exchange ideas. I love these meetings because other than that, they also make me reflect on topics that screenwriters constantly struggle with. Last week, someone asked me if writers should enter screenplay competitions, so I thought about … More Screenplay Competitions – Are they worth it?