About Me


Regine Clemenceau

 Hello there!

I am Regine, a screenwriter, script consultant, and editor. 
I wrote my first script when I was 15. I didn’t have a clue about format, structure, anything, I just had a story and wanted to tell it. Ever since then, I’ve worked hard to learn the craft, improve my technique, understand the rules, and eventually learned how to bend them. Later on, I realized that I never really enjoyed writing as much as I enjoy helping other writers achieve great things. 

Today, I offer my knowledge and experience to help you be the greatest writer you can be.

In this blog, you’ll find free resources, information, and tips to master the craft of screenwriting and tell memorable, entertaining stories. You’ll also find something or two about filmmaking in general and project development, so hope you enjoy 🙂

Let’s work together!

I love meeting and helping fellow writers and filmmakers, so to show my appreciation, all my blog subscribers get a 10% off on all of my services. You can subscribe here or visit my website www.regineclemenceau.com
Welcome and Happy Writing!