What is a Script Consultant and why do you need one?

Screenwriting is not a game, it takes time, effort, and, genuinely, courage. But what happens when all the work has been done and you’ve managed to type “THE END”? Those magical words appear to be the finishing line, but they are nothing close to it.

Yeap, turns out that finishing the script is only the start of a long and sometimes bumpy journey; however, screenwriters are not alone. In the world of creative writing, a figure exists that is meant to make this process easier for anyone willing to take help: The Script Consultant.

A Script Consultant is a writer or editor that instead (or aside) of writing, works with other writers and pieces to improve them. Be it structure, plot, character development, or plain storytelling. A Script Consultant provides very particular insight that helps the writer refine and polish the work done.

But what exactly do Script Consultants do?

Well, it’s a combination of several things – proofreading, analyzing, suggesting, and bouncing ideas… (in summary). Normally the process will begin with the Consultant reading your script and getting familiar with the project. Then they will do some work on it. They will analyze the strengths and areas of opportunity, and come up with notes and solutions on how to improve, in the areas mentioned above.

Once the Consultant has worked on the script on his own, they will now share the notes and work with you to exchange thoughts and come up with new ideas to enhance the writing, providing guidance on the re-writing process. 

script consultant

Consultants provide a new set of eyes, allowing you to see possibilities that you might have missed. Script Consultants have a great understanding of the industry, genres, and structure and have tons of references to older and newer movies. They know what works and what doesn’t, and the current trends in storytelling.

So, again, why do you need a Script Consultant?

Easy. You’re the writer and you should focus on writing. Script Consultants are here to take care of the rest. Provide references, create new scenes, ensure plot points exist and fix those mistakes that you might miss while you are caught in the excitement of writing. Script Consultants are a friend to rely on when things go well and a shoulder to cry on when things don’t.

Also, there is no right or wrong in terms of when to get a Script Consultant. It can be when you finish your first draft, when you have an idea circling around your head, or when you’re in the middle of a writing block. The right time to get help is well, the moment you feel like you need help.

Happy writing!

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